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Our Poet

Calvin Carl,  1966 -

Calvin Carl is a poetry master, realist, and inevitablist gone mad by current events like politics, the rise of Stephen A. Smith, the G.O.A.T. debates, Hollywood without the casting couch, speeding camera tickets and restaurants that just serve salad.  He drinks Grey Goose and Red Bulls and smokes Goji OG medical weed and is almost always under some influence when writing these daily stanzas.  Enjoy them anyway, knowing that you are not smarter and funnier than most and still single, unemployed and j. 

Every Day?

Every day at midnight.  Is that every day or every night?  You will probably see it in the morning and it will tell of yesterday's events.  If we charged afor a subscription, you'd get it at 6:00 PM and it would include that day's events.  If you reallty think about it, isn't it basically the same shit every day anyway?

Who Cares?

We care.  About a lot of things like kittens and babies and the earth and shit.  Oh.  You mean who cares about poetry.  Nobody.  That is why we are doing humorous daily news in poetry so we don't starve to death.  No shit.  Pray for us.


Lebron J. — Nunya, BZ

" is stupid but addictive.

Mitch H. — Heaven

I used to hate poetry.  I mean, I still hate poetry, but I used to too.

Betty B. — Reno, NV

"Our company Christmas party was very successful! had nothing to do with that but I promised Artie's Catering in Reno that I would post something online.

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